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Although I have gone to church my entire life, growing up, I never anticipated that I would commit my entire life to ministry. Now that I have surrendered to that calling, my hope is that through my art, others are inspired to have their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ as well. There have been many times when I, myself, would have fallen prey to destructive living had it not been for my foundation in Christ. The Word of God has a lesson for every one of us at every stage of life, if we are faithful to apply it until we see the results.

On Jan 6th, 2018, I released my first book entitled “Dear Worshiper”. The book chronicled a collection of ideas that stemmed from lessons I learned as a worship leader. It is my hope that the book motivates growth and wisdom in people of all walks of life, to worship God from their heart and reap the benefits that come from doing so.

My love of Art takes many forms, so whether it is writing, producing or arranging music, writing books, or getting involved in the creative direction of projects for ministry, I am committed to giving God my very best. RockyDania.com is my channel to express the passions behind my purpose while inspiring others around me to do the same.


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Lead By Grace: FREE Sample Chapter

Check out this FREE Sample Chapter of my latest book! Pre-Order on Amazon

Lead By Grace: Based on the Leadership of Jesus

My latest book, Lead By Grace: Based on the Leadership of Jesus, is being released this March! Pre-Order on Amazon

New Facebook

After thinking for a long time about what I contribute to and get out of being on Facebook, I decided today to lay my personal Facebook page to rest. I’m not going to be posting on there anymore. I’m still going to visit my timeline once in a while to interact with my family members […]

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