To My Flesh {Song}

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Human “flesh” is a crazy thing. It’s probably the definition equivalent to what we call our ego. Sometimes we live our lives the way infants do: we cry or have fits when things don’t go our way. We manipulate, lie, or deceive others to get things that we want, or when we want to get […]

New Facebook

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After thinking for a long time about what I contribute to and get out of being on Facebook, I decided today to lay my personal Facebook page to rest. I’m not going to be posting on there anymore. I’m still going to visit my timeline once in a while to interact with my family members […]


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Hola amigos. I know that by the time this song is released (Sept.) there will probably be many tweaks, bells, and whistles added to it. Nevertheless, I really wanted to share a sample of this that I’ve been working on with you. Below, there’s a 30 second video that samples a song I’ve been writing […]

#DearWorshiper: Reflection

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TBH: When I first started writing Dear Worshiper, I told the young lady who encouraged me to publish it, that I didn’t think anyone would be interested in reading what I had been writing about. I must have thought I was the only God-fearing person on the planet who was having a hard time. Fast-forward […]

The Cost – Live Acoustic Version

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So, I’ve been thinking (and we all know what happens when I start thinking ? lol)… Musically speaking, I think my new song, The Cost, might be catering well to the younger generation. If you recall, I mentioned a few posts prior that my intention was to add heavy Hip-Hop influences to an otherwise standard Contemporary […]

@RockyDania on Twitter

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When my somewhat awesome brother sent me this screenshot today, my first reaction was Why is this annoying sibling of mine tweeting from my Twitter account?! ?? Then I remembered I’ve been locked out of my Twitter account since March of 2017 and this sibling of mine actually just got my account reactivated ??. Lol Of all […]