Hola amigos. I know that by the time this song is released (Sept.) there will probably be many tweaks, bells, and whistles added to it. Nevertheless, I really wanted to share a sample of this that I’ve been working on with you. Below, there’s a 30 second video that samples a song I’ve been writing called “Lifter.”

Also as a random sidebar, (thankfully) my creativity has been at an all time high lately. So going into the month of August, I plan (God-willing) to keep setting a relatively rigorous schedule for myself that looks something like this: ministry work during the day and music/writing/recording during the evenings. So in advance, if I seem a bit uhhhh.. unavailable sometimes, communication-wise, its only because I’m riding the wave of being in this positive creative zone.

Much Love To All. Let’s hope this creativity wave produces some good stuff. Pray for me. Lol.

xo Rocky Dania

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