The Cost – Live Acoustic Version

So, I’ve been thinking¬†(and we all know what happens when I start thinking ? lol)…

Musically speaking, I think my new song, The Cost, might be catering well to the younger generation. If you recall, I mentioned a few posts prior that my intention was to add heavy Hip-Hop influences to an otherwise standard Contemporary Christian worship song.

Nevertheless, my roots from my time being a worship leader is influencing me to want to do a stripped down, very intimate, acoustic version of the same song. I believe that an acoustic version of The Cost will allow the lyrics of the song to resonate with a wider demographic of people.

So, my loves, I’ve already started making arrangements towards recording The Cost – Live Acoustic Version. Just like everything else, it’ll be posted just for you, the one(s) who check up on me every once in a while via my unofficial internet diary, ?. Please do your best to stay tuned as I’ll do my best to make it worth your while lol ??.

With Love,

xo Rocky Dania

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